We envision 100% access to renewable energy

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Add your voice to help make solar energy 100% accessible. We support a transition to a green economy that includes everyone, helps to close the employment gap, and creates a new story about the community's role in the energy system.

What We Do

Educate & Inspire

We work to educate the public about disparities in the solar industry and build moral commitment to equity.

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Shape Public Policy

We promote public policy that increases equity in the solar industry, making solar accessible regardless of income.

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Build Solar Projects

We work on model projects such as the Shiloh Temple in North Minneapolis and local staff to lead this work.

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Move the Market

We move the market by challenging solar developers to promote our values of justice and inclusion.  

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Shiloh public event

Our Story

The Just Solar Coalition was convened in 2014. Together, we embrace a vision of 100 percent access to the benefits of clean energy. We are a diverse group of Minnesota-based solar developers, community organizers, non-profits, environmental groups, faith leaders, and more.

Our work is guided by a values statement that underscores our commitment to equitable access and job training in the solar industry for local, low-income residents. Learn more

Coalition Partners