What We Do

Our Values & Goals

Our work is guided by a values statement that underscores our commitment to full access to clean energy and to providing job training in the solar industry to local, low-income residents. We commit to:

  • Promote access to clean energy for all income levels, regardless of income or credit score
  • Create opportunities for local solar jobs and eliminate racial disparities
  • Respect the natural environment, recognizing that humans are part of it
  • Tell a new story about how energy is generated and who owns it



Educate & Inspire

We work to educate people in the community about disparities within the solar industry and build moral commitment to equity.  


Create Public Policy

We promote public policy that increases equity in the solar industry, making solar accessible regardless of income.


Build Solar Projects

We work on model projects such as the Shiloh Temple in North Minneapolis, and we hire local organizers in impacted communities to lead this work.


Move the Market

We move the market by challenging solar developers to promote values of equity and inclusiveness.

How We Work

To advance our Just Solar values, we will:

  • Transform our culture by embodying compassion, valuing people for the unique strengths they bring to this work.
  • Respect differences and be persistent, diligent and rigorous in our pursuit of social, economic and environmental justice.
  • Build holistic campaigns that model the kinds of equity among people and the earth we hope to see in the wider world.
  • Assume the best in others and share the abundance of resources within and among our community.
  • Encourage humor, honesty and urgency in our actions and communications.
  • Remember and learn from past and current social, economic and environmental systemic injustice, and address root problems to the best of our abilities.


Job Training

All of our Community Solar Garden projects are supported by a job training program that focuses on employing low-income local residents. Just Solar Coalition member Renewable NRG Partners, founded by North Minneapolis resident Jamez Staples, was recently named one of the "Top Twelve Climate Champions" by Green For All. Renewable NRG Partners provides training for jobs in the fast-growing solar industry.