Who We Are

About the Just Solar Coalition

The Just Solar Coalition embraces a vision of 100 percent access to the benefits of clean energy. We support a transition to a green economy that not only includes everyone but also helps to close the employment gap, improves the natural world and creates a new story about the community's role in the energy system.

We are a diverse coalition of solar developers, community organizers, environmental groups, faith leaders, thought leaders, rural developers, financers, workforce developers and more. We see the climate crisis, racism, and economic injustice as inextricably intertwined – and we believe that the solutions to these challenges must be systemic, too. 

We share a common vision of ensuring a just transition for both workers and consumers into the new green energy economy. 


What we’re about

We believe that everyone in the community has a stake in how the next energy evolution unfolds. So we’re about:

  • Expanding community ownership of solar arrays to renters and people with low income, using inclusive financing and strategic placement of solar gardens. 
  • Creating more opportunities for minority-owned businesses and workers.
  • Job training programs for people returning to the community after incarceration.
  • Getting community members’ input into decisions that will impact their (and their children’s) future.
  • Inspiring those in power to envision and commit to concrete actions needed to build sustainable, equitable future. 
  • Helping those in faith communities to connect the dots between their deepest held values and environmental justice.
  • Listening to historically marginalized voices, including Black, Indigenous and people of color, people living in poverty, working class people, community members reintegrating from incarceration, and others.

Coalition Partners

8th Fire Solar (logo)
Honor the Earth (logo)